Hear From our Community

In the words of a 5 year old, “Best playground in the whole world!”
— Linda K.

What a unique and awesome playground! I went as a curious adult after seeing some photos right here on Yelp. I actually had a good time checking out the one-size-fits-all swings and the musical zone. There is a treehouse, theater, and mini-amphitheater. A musical zone. A sliding hill. Lots of play equipment for all ages and also a small kid-only zone. Also, plenty of seating for parents. This playground was built by a nonprofit and donations are accepted (via app or website).

Amy E. (Magical Bridge Playground in Palo Alto)

This place is so incredible and has a ton of things for the kids to do. Tons of spots for adults to sit and lots of parking.

Gina K. (Magical Bridge Playground in Redwood City)

Amazing! Brought my kids here today and this park was something special. I thought we had to pay for admission but nope-it’s free! The park includes a huge two-story playhouse, an artificial rock climbing area with a light waterfall/fountain that kids can sit/play in and they absolutely LOVE it! 5 slides atop a hill made of artificial grass, the hill was just as popular as children and a bunch of parents were sliding down together while sitting on cardboard. Unique chair swings, a huge rocking boat that sits up to eight, spinning structures, and so much more! Colorful wooden lawn seating all around the playground in nice shaded areas for parents to sit and keep an eye on their children. So much fun! We spent two hours here today and honestly haven’t felt this happy while leaving a park unless it’s Disneyland.

@Francesca P. (Magical Bridge Playground in Redwood City)

What a beautiful, dare I say magical, place? The fact that it is so inclusionary and accessible without looking like a special-needs facility shows the thought, expertise, consideration, and love that went into the creation of this place. May your inspiration and dedication cover the globe.


Words cannot describe how fantastic this place is on a hot day!!!! Thank you!!!


It’s such a joy seeing my son explore this playground. Not having to ask for assistance and just doing it by himself has given him more confidence. We love it here and hope to see more parks like this one.


There is something so basic and human to the act of play. My daughter at a 1 ½ years old got a chance to ride a merry-go-round with children from all walks of life, including a wheel-chaired child. Places like Magical Bridge allow inclusivity and empowerment for all children. What a treasure for the Bay Area to have such a place…we need more Magical Bridges!


It’s a beautiful, safe, friendly park with several different areas of play. Something for each member of my family (ages 5-9). We spent approximately 1.5 hrs there and plenty of shady places to rest in between.


I am a mother of a awesome 28 year old son with special needs. He’s visually impaired, and has seizures. I wish we had a community park like ,THE MAGICAL BRIDGE… God bless you!!!!


I’m a nanny. I’ve probably been to a hundred parks. This is my absolute favorite park. In fact, my son had his birthday party here last year. I’m so thankful for this inclusive place for children to play.


We go there every time we’re in town for an appointment at Lucile Packard. My son just loves this park! There is so much to do!

@Kelly W

We are from the Phoenix, AZ area and we couldn’t wait to visit this park during our next trip to the Bay Area! Our daughter has been in a wheelchair since the age of two and we’ve dreamed of an accessible playground for years!


The park has something for everyone. It is a great place to have physical, occupational and speech therapy and have a blast while doing it. As a parent, you will see your child be motivated to meet goals outside of a therapy setting much quicker.


Thank you, Magical Bridge for recognizing the need for accessibility for all members of families.


My kiddos loved it. Nice shady area for parents. Tons of things to do for kids.


I have 15 months old son and 13 years old daughter. Today we visited the park for the first time and it was a very pleasant experience. Both had a lot of fun. The little one liked the Tot Plays area, the Treehouse and the suspension bridge very much. Lot of joy!


The place is so cool. I can take my Mom in her wheelchair So many fun things to see and do.


My son went on his first preschool field trip to Magical Bridge today with his class and it was a great experience for him and also my 2 year old. This park is truly magical.


Nice place for kids to hang out. My son loves to be there and play for a whole day.


Wow! Just discovered this gem today. My toddler (21 months) LOVED everything! We will definitely be back to this very special playground. There were tons of kids there, of all ages! So completely impressed with this playground, I had to share it with friends.


Incredible playground nestled in Mitchell Park. Tons of play areas for the kids – physical and imaginative! Inclusive playground for all, and it’s always a fantastic experience here. It’s usually packed… Rightfully so, for the best playground on the Peninsula.


Great park… Shows how far we’ve come in technology and learning. There is a designated area for little ones and lots of fun for the little older ones. Not your typical playground with just monkey bars and swings… Definitely a destination.


This is an awesome playground for kids of all abilities. It’s privately funded so it’s in good condition. A great place to hang out with the kids!


Great spot for kids… the magical bridge is inside a big park.. after our first trip my kids have been asking to go back as they had a blast. Very safe spot for the kids as well… highly recommended!


This place is amazing. Great for sensory activities for kids who needs it. I love it. I wish they can have a place like this in San Jose.


Such an amazing playground! Totally enclosed so your child can wander and explore without you having to stay on top of them. The concept of being inclusive for all children is amazing. My three year old really enjoyed this playground, we will certainly be back.

@Kelly H

Entire facility was awesome. There on a Saturday, live music for little kids, lots of different play structures, seating, goats, origami activities.


Clean, brand new park. It was designed for kids of all ages and abilities. My daughters had fun with all kids and everyone had a great time. People were friendly and courteous of especially the kids who needed extra attention. Will definitely come back soon and frequently.


Wonderland for children as well as adults. I loved the fact that there was an area where the adults can relax while overlooking their little ones. It’s not all about the kids only.


I know you never thought you would see the day I would dance and play in a wheelchair, but you know in life we have #EndlessAbility and something magical can happen at any time.


Magical Bridge Playground in Palo Alto is by far the coolest playground we have had a chance to enjoy. Mikey was able to play alongside all sorts of new friends! Physical limitations don’t matter here and it brought tears to my eyes seeing kids and adults able to let loose and have fun with each other. I can’t applaud Palo Alto enough for making this happen and ensuring that every child in this community has a place to feel free to just play!


Sophie was able to walk up the playhouse structure, move around comfortably throughout the park, and even go on a merry go round all in her walker! It was great! We are so thankful to those who created a park that can easily be accessible to those with disabilities.


My kids can’t get enough of this place. It’s an “innovative-inclusive” playground that was designed and built for visitors of all abilities. Of all the parks we’ve visited in the Silicon Valley this one is by far our favorite, and today we came back and spent hours here.


We drove all the way out to Palo Alto to check out the new magical bridge playground and it was worth it!


This is a really fun playground with many interesting objects for children to climb around with and play on. Some of them — the laser harp in particular — even hold my interest pretty well. Probably the biggest negative is that the park is highly popular, but it deserves to be.

Mark C.

My daughter had the best time in the spinning area. There’s a merry-go-round that accommodates wheel chairs which is pretty amazing. And she liked the roller slides and the saucer swings. There are plenty of places to sit or set up a picnic.

Jen S.

The Magical Bridge Kindness Ambassadors were so sweet and showed Jocey and Lucy around the park.


This place is awesome. It’s a playground for all kids regardless of physical abilities and developmental levels. There’s a theater and house structures for dramatic play, a musical area, lots of gross motor activities, spinning discs for proprioceptive and vestibular inputs, and just room to run.

Tiffaney L.

What can be said? We can easily spend all day here. The grass hills are the most popular. Kids loved running thru the theatre, and the swings look like giant car seat rollercoasters — hilarious!

Grateful for all the folks that sponsored such a park to be inclusive. Very well thought out. The parents and kids here are also very friendly.

Rugbarn D

What an awesome inclusive park!  It’s divided into zones with different themes.  Everything is wheelchair accessible.  There is also a landing platform for one of the larger slides, so that a child can access a wheelchair after going down the slide.  How cool is that!

This park isn’t just inclusive for children either. Parents with disabilities can easily join their children here, too. 🙂

Ali W.

Awesome playground! I love coming here during quieter times and gallivanting around. Unlike other parks, this is a truly fun and highly accessible playground, designed to be amazing from the ground up, and it delivers. I can’t wait to bring my grandmother (and her wheelchair!) here

– NM

Cutest little playground


It’s grey and chilly and there are approximately a zillion kids at Palo Alto’s Magical Bridge playground. It’s remarkable.


The best park ever where even the chairs are fun.