During this unprecedented time of shelter-in-place and uncertainty, Magical Bridge Foundation brought a consistent spark of happiness and joy to your home — virtually.  From March 21, 2020 through May 31, 2020,  Magical Bridge hosted FREE, Family-Friendly, Sensory-Friendly Concerts with artists performing throughout the country.  We have cataloged these performances so you can watch on demand at any time.

Many of our performers make their living through in-person concerts or music therapy, so the kindness of your support is greatly appreciated.  An optional donation of any amount made will be linked to many of the Facebook Live performances — and these donations will flow directly to the musician to help them during this challenging time.

We thank Enlight Foundation for underwriting and sponsoring these virtual performances.  


Supporting the artists is MAGICAL! If you have the ability to help sponsor these daily, virtual events, so we can pay our performers for their important and generous work, please contact Jill Asher at jill@magicalbridge.org.

If you would like to be one of our daily performers, please contact Jill Asher at jill@magicalbridge.org


Watch on Demand. Previously Recorded —  the MAGIC is that you can listen to them ANY TIME!