Did you know that adding closed captions (displaying dialog for those who are visually impaired)AND descriptive video (adding a voice describing the action on the screen for those who are hearing impaired) benefits everyone? In fact, these two powerful additions makes searching and finding a video much easier online and research shows total viewing time increases by 17%!

While our team at Magical Bridge Foundation focuses on inclusive playgrounds, when we discovered our videos were not easy for our visually or hearing impaired friends to enjoy, we knew we had to do better. We’re learning every day how to make our world and community more inclusive, and this is our first attempt to make our videos and content available to all.

In addition to closed captions for the hearing impaired, this video also features imagery navigation to open the world of visual experiences (like movies and videos) to the visually impaired. This incredible technology is provided by Audio Eyes, and we are grateful for their support. Moving forward, Magical Bridge videos will provide open and closed captions.

Thank you to the beautiful children, parents, friends, and families for being the magical stars of this video. A very special thank you to Lorenzo Escalante at NorthBound Films for pouring your heart and talents into the production.

Join Magical Bridge Foundation as we bring this remarkable playground to more communities. Visit us at www.magicalbridge.org to learn how you can help bring magic to your community!