COVID-19 has not stopped us!  Construction of Magical Bridge Playground in Sunnyvale’s Fair Oaks Park is underway.  We plan to open this “magical” space in early 2022.

We are so excited to bring this new kind of magical playground to Sunnyvale’s Fair Oaks Park and to build a community space where all ages, and all abilities, are all welcome.  Magical Bridge Playground in Sunnyvale will finally welcome and include the 1-in-4 of us living with physical and cognitive disabilities, autism, sensory and auditory impairments, the medically fragile and even our aging population. In short, our play space will welcome absolutely at every stage of life.

Yes! There is still time to support Magical Bridge Playground coming to  Sunnyvale’s Fair Oak Park! Like with any big construction project, we know there can be unexpected costs – so we will continue accepting donations for this project to make sure the playground is MAGICALLY realized. A donation of $300+ will be recognized with a tile on the donor wall and will leave a lasting legacy of kindness in your community.

Questions about existing tiles or donations can be emailed to

Rendering of Magical Bridge Playground in Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale Aerial View

September 2021 Construction Site of Magical Bridge Playground in Sunnyvale

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Leave a lasting legacy in the heart of your community

The Magical Bridge Donor Wall is a statement art piece in the heart of each Magical Bridge Playground. This beautiful piece holds the names of playgrounds donors along with reflective messaging around kindness and inclusion. Donations of $300 and above will be recognized with a tile on the Sunnyvale Donor Wall. All donations are tax-deductible.

Extra Large Tile (90 characters) $5k+
Large Tile (70 characters) $1k-$4,999
Medium Tile (60 characters) $500-$999
Small Tile (30 characters) $300-$499

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