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Google Doubles Gift to Magical Bridge Foundation
Tech Giant Invests in Mountain View and Sunnyvale Magical Bridge Playgrounds

SUNNYVALE, CA January 29, 2018 – Google is doubling their investment in inclusive play spaces that will serve a half a million Californians and visitors a year. The tech giant has partnered with Magical Bridge Foundation, giving $150,000 to build a Magical Bridge Playground in Sunnyvale and to help kick off a fifth location in Mountain View.

“Sunnyvale is proud to see the Magical Bridge project continue forward in our City, and the movement to gain more locations in other Cities and around the nation. We are thankful to companies like Google that continue to show their commitment to local communities,” shared Glenn Hendricks, Mayor of Sunnyvale.

Google and Magical Bridge Foundation share three critical values: innovation, inclusion and community-building. Magical Bridge Playgrounds are expert-designed, accessible public spaces, mindfully created for people of all ages and abilities. Each location revolutionizes play, customized to meet the complex needs of people with autism, cognitive and developmental issues, sensory challenges and physical needs, providing central spot to spark the magic of friendships and freedom.

With these generous anchor gifts from Google, Magical Bridge Foundation co-founder Olenka Villarreal hopes other industry leaders will come forward to fund the final $600,000 needed to for the Sunnyvale playground. Each location requires an investment of approximately $4.7 million.

“Magical Bridge is doing amazing work in inclusion by opening up spaces for those in our community with different abilities. We are honored to help support this great effort in the city of Sunnyvale.” said Adrian Schurr, Bay Area Program Manager for Google.Org.

“The real magic of Magical Bridge Playgrounds is the moment two children of different abilities meet and play together, or when families with children who have different needs can all enjoy one dynamic space,” Villarreal says. “Likewise, when companies, organizations and local leaders create a community of care and investment, when we say together that inclusion is the way for us all to thrive, we know we are changing a city, this state and even the country. We’re thrilled to have Google on board and are excited to widen our community even more.”

Investors also include the City of Sunnyvale, which contributed $1.8 million to the project that will be open to the public in 2019. It is will be housed in Fair Oaks Park, a 15.2-acre green space in the heart of Sunnyvale. The diverse area is supported by 18 award-winning parks and comprehensive services.

Google’s home city location is supported by a recent City Council allocation of $1 million to the project planned for Rengstorff Park. It will serve neighbors of diverse socioeconomic status, and has easy access to public transit. Remaining funds will be raised in 2018 through grants and corporate, foundation and community giving, with hopes of breaking ground in 2019.

Access is a critical component of Magical Bridge Playgrounds, all designed to be both physically and socially inclusive for children and adults of varying physical and cognitive abilities. One in every five Americans live with some form of disability, making it the largest minority group in the country. While the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 made radical cultural shifts, 25 years later our public parks do not adequately accommodate or welcome autistic, cognitively challenged, visually and hearing impaired, physically limited, and aging populations. Magical Bridge is changing that, using nearly a decade of research, insights from inclusion specialists and advocacy from engaged organizations, corporations, and school partners to create dynamic spaces that welcome everyone.

Visit Magical Bridge Foundation for information about the playground and ways to support the project. If your company, foundation or community group would like to partner with Magical Bridge Foundation, contact Jill Asher at


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Magical Bridge Foundation is a 501(c) non-profit organization based in the heart of Silicon Valley, advocating for and bringing to life innovative and truly inclusive community and school playgrounds. Magical Bridge playgrounds delight and welcome everyone, regardless of ability, disability, size or age. Magical Bridge Playground in Palo Alto opened to the public in April 2015, and is heralded as the nation’s most innovative and inclusive playground. Magical Bridge playground projects are currently underway in northern California communities of Redwood City, Morgan Hill, Sunnyvale, Mountain View and the Palo Alto Unified School District. Locations outside the Bay Area for parks and school playgrounds will be announced in 2018. Kindly visit Magical Bridge online at, and on Facebook and Twitter.

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