Welcome to Magical Bridge Playground at Redwood City’s Red Morton Park!

Magical Bridge Playgrounds are hopefully the future of all play areas and clearly illustrate how today’s typical park designs overlook so many members of our population. Magical Bridge Playgrounds are universally designed to be a socially inclusive playground for everyone. Magical Bridge finally includes the 1-in-4 of us living with physical and cognitive disabilities, autism, visual and hearing impairments, the medically fragile, and our aging population. In short, we welcome everyone at every stage of life. We hope you have a MAGICAL time visiting our all-inclusive playground.

General Playground Rules and Guidance

  • Please enjoy food and drinks outside of the Playground.

  • Please keep gates closed at all times.

  • No gum allowed.

  • Play Zones are for all ages.

  • Children must be supervised at all times.

  • Caution, slides, and play equipment may be hot! Check temperature before use.

  • Wear appropriate footwear at all times. Bare feet, flip-flops, high heels, and cleats are not permitted.

  • Bikes, skateboards, and roller skates are not permitted inside the playground. Wheel chairs are okay.

  • Only service dogs permitted. Dog must have service vest and tags.

  • Please do not drag our Adirondack chairs into the playhouse, it is stripping the paint on the floor.

  • Alcohol and smoking are prohibited.

  • Cursing, yelling, and hitting are not allowed.

  • No Trespassing after hours.

  • Large organized groups of 15 or more must contact Redwood City Parks, Recreation and Community Services to schedule a visit. No field trips without approval. 650.780.7250 recreation@redwoodcity.org

  • Above all, please be kind.


Why is no food or drink allowed?

The grounds of this playground cannot support ground-in-food, sticky drinks, or coffee spills on our surfaces. Our surfaces are also one of the main staples of our accessibility. Not only are messes extremely difficult to clean, but they are sometimes impossible to remove, and the only remedy is expensive turf replacement and park closures. This is the same reason we do not allow wheels. Plus, we are in the process of creating special areas called “Nibble Nooks” in multiple areas around the playground fencing in addition to the picnic area that will be completed this year.

Water bottles are permitted, but please keep them with you or packed away in your strollers or bags out of sight from others. We have already noticed stray sippy cups and other children attempting to pick them up and drink from them.

Can I bring a water bottle?

YES. Water bottles are permitted, but please keep them with you or packed away in your strollers or bags out of sight from others. We have already noticed stray sippy cups and other children attempting to pick them up and drink from them.

Where do I park my stroller or scooter?

Wheelchairs are the only wheeled mobility aid allowed on all surfaces. 

We have set up two areas for stroller and scooter parking. You can find stroller parking in front of the Playhouse and in the Swing/Innovation Zone which runs parallel to the Valota Road parking lot. Strollers must stay on the concrete surfaces and should not travel with you from zone to zone. Wheels in general cause damage to our rubber matting surfaces which is expensive to replace. Please park your strollers and scooters in these designated areas.

Bikes may not enter the park. Bike racks can be found currently at the South Entrance (Valota Road Parking Lot) and we are in the process of adding more racks to the North Entrance.

Can I bring my bike or skateboard?

Bikes may not enter the park. Bike racks can be found currently at the South Entrance (Valota Road Parking Lot) and we are in the process of adding more racks to the North Entrance.

Magical Bridge Playground is designed for bodies of all ages and abilities, and for some, it is the ONLY place where many members of our community are able to play. Skaters and bikers, we already built you a park. It’s open, roll there. We have had many issues, from construction until now, with folks trespassing onto the playground and treating it poorly. Bikes and skateboards are extremely damaging to the surfaces and structures. These damages have caused delays in our opening, they will cause us to have to close while we repair damages, and it will cost the city a lot of money each time. We are having to pour a large number of resources into protecting this precious and important playground. It’s just not okay. We want you to have incredible family spaces.

Do I have to wear shoes?

YES! We know how joyous feeling the earth under your feet can be, and we have acres of park space next to the playground for you to experience the warmth and texture of our great planet. But just like visiting an amusement park, children’s play attraction, or even coming to day camp, we ask that for your safety of ALL, everyone wears proper footwear and shoes remain ON. We’d hate for you to stub or cut a toe.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, dogs, you know we love you, but you are not allowed inside the playground. Service dogs are permitted if wearing a vest and tags.

Can I bring cardboard for the slide mound?

Cardboard boxes/flats (which we know are very popular on the slide mound in Palo Alto) are now allowed on the slide mound. Please make sure to take them home with you when you are done playing and please help us by throwing away ripped pieces that are littering our play areas.

Can I bring toys?

Sorry, unfortunately personal toys are not allowed in the playground at this time due to COVID-19.

Why are there metal slides?

Our slides were carefully chosen based on a number of factors, observations, and learnings from the Palo Alto Magical Bridge site.

Did you know that people who wear hearing devices such as cochlear implants cannot slide down plastic slides due to the static electricity that the slide generates? That static electricity interferes with the implant's settings and can affect the wearer's hearing or even “zap” the implant so it needs to be reset.

All slide materials can get hot in the sun. Metal and plastic slides both conduct heat when it’s warm out. This is why it’s very important for caregivers and children to be aware, to check slide temperature before sliding, and to make sure that they are dressed appropriately. Metal slides actually cool faster than plastic slides.

You may have noticed the platforms at the bottoms of our wheelchair-accessible slides. These unique features are patented Dignity Landings™ of Magical Bridge Foundation and provide a safe resting spot for those needing assistance and extra time, while allowing others to continue to slide.

Notice the slope of the hillside. The slides become more challenging as you approach the stairwell. Wider slides allow family and friends to slide together.

Beware of frost on cold mornings.

Burr. We’ve had some cold mornings. Morning dew and cold weather have resulted in some frosty conditions on the Slide Mound, some pathways, and our Water Sensory Rock Area. Please make sure to check the surface of the rocks prior to letting your kids climb and use caution during the earlier morning hours. This area can be very slippery. Current thawing usually happens between 9:30am-10:00am.

Tot Zone Water Play, what is allowed?

Water play is tons of fun and we love our new Tot Zone water sensory feature! We are also in love with the beautiful redwood grove that borders it. Unfortunately, the tree droppings are making their way over to our water table. Please tell your children to keep the leaves and dirt out of the water basin. We have been spending extra time cleaning this out and it will eventually get clogged and we’ll have to close it down for repairs.

Why can't I climb the outside of the playhouse?

We know that kids love to climb. We also are fully aware that children play creatively, coming up with new and exciting ways to enjoy our equipment. While we are supportive of this concept, there are times when this isn’t a great idea. We have tons of climbing opportunities in the playground, but unfortunately, the outside of the Playhouse is not one of them. Thank you for helping us to enforce this with your monkeys. Speaking of monkeys, head over to the “King Kong” climbing ropes on the highest point of the Slide Mound. They are fun, and pro-tip for parents…tiring. You’re welcome.

How much does it cost to get in?

NOTHING! Magical Bridge Playground is FREE FOR EVERYBODY!

Who do I call for items lost or forgotten at the playground?

If you left something at the playground, please email us at recreation@redwoodcity.org or call 650.780.7250.

Can I make reserve the playground for a birthday party?

No, we do not host private parties. Magical Bridge Playground is 100% public access. If you are having a party in the park, feel free to come play in the playground. Please remember that food and drink are not allowed inside the playground. There are picnic areas available throughout Red Morton Park. Click here for info. (Note, we are currently renovating the picnic area adjacent to the playground.)

If your group is 25 or more, please give us a call. 650.780.7250 or email us.

Play Zones

Playhouse and Stage

The Magic of a Playhouse

  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Motivates social collaboration
  • Features a stage for performances

Since 1987, Barbara Butler Artist-Builder, Inc. has created custom play structures using all natural redwood and non-toxic tung oil wood stains, including our wheelchair-accessible playhouse.

Slide Mound

The Magic of Sliding

  • Improves balance and spatial orientation
  • Builds coordination and strength
  • Promotes growth and development

Wheelchair-accessible slides feature patented Dignity Landings™ to provide a safe resting place for those needing assistance at the bottom. Wider slides mean the whole family can slide together. Our slides were carefully chosen based on a number of factors as well as some observations and learnings from the Palo Alto Magical Bridge site.

Innovation Zone

The Magic of Music

  • Stimulates brain activity
  • Encourages social interaction
  • Facilities non-verbal communication

The 24-string Laser Harp, created by artist Jen Lewin, encourages visitors to create a symphony of sounds. When you move through the harp, musical notes will play as you break the invisible laser beams. Tones are on a pentatonic scale which is proven to be more soothing than a western scale, especially to those who have autism. You can also keep the beat with your feet on the several drum pads below!

Swing and Sway Zone

The Magic of Swinging

  • Develops and restores balance
  • Increases concentration
  • Soothes and relaxes for all ages

Disc swings invite group play in a variety of positions, and large bucket seat swings offer support for various sizes and abilities.

Kindness Corner

The Magic of Kindness. The Kindness Corner, hand-painted by local mural artist Marlon Yanes, features kindness messages chosen by the children of Redwood City. The area inspires kindness and inclusion while providing a gathering place for conversations about acceptance, friendship, and the importance of diversity. 

Spin Zone

The Magic of Spinning

  • Helps develop both sides of the brain
  • Improves attention spans for learning
  • 15 minutes of spinning may impact the brain for up to 8 hours so please spin with caution.

The carousel fits two wheelchairs and spaced spinners and allows spinning in various positions. Spinning should be controlled for the best benefit. Encourage children to spin 10 times in one direction. Then stop and spin in the other direction.

Tot Zone

The Magic of Early Play

  • Develops fine and gross motor skills
  • Offers challenges for risk-taking
  • Encourages imagination and socialization

The playground is often a child’s first classroom. When children begin their play lives with kindness, inclusion becomes the norm for the rest of their lives. These formative experiences help build more open and accepting communities.

This area also houses an exciting water play aqueduct feature where kids can explore sensory play and engineering.

Watery Sensory & Seating Area

Kindly take a seat and use this feature to rest, get a great view of the playground, or enjoy a playhouse performance!

Enjoy the cool water! Activate the waterfall. See, feel and hear the water.

Water from this feature drains directly into a multi filtration system and is used to water our trees plants.

Take a Tour!*

*Video was created prior to our shade structure installation.

Magical Bridge Playground Red Morton Park, Redwood City

Kindness Ambassadors

There is no better volunteer job to put on your resume than this! Thanks to our partnership with the Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation, we will have a group of volunteers to help us open Magical Bridge, also known as Kindness Ambassadors, who will help keep the playground safe and magical for all who visit. As a Kindness Ambassador, your goal is to create a fun and inclusive space where visitors of all ages and abilities feel welcome. At this time, we are only accepting applications for Kindness Ambassadors ages 18 and up. You must be able to dedicate a minimum of 4 hours a month for at least 6 months (shifts are 2 hours long). Kindness Ambassadors will help safely open the playground and help lead family-friendly events and activities, once we are safely able to do so. Kindly click here to apply!