Innovative, Integrated Parks that Inspire Recreation, Respite, Play and Community Connections for All Ages and All Abilities

Optimizing Community Open Spaces

Created for two acres and upwards, Magical Bridge PlayParks™ amplify the health and wellbeing of the entire community. With seamless transitions throughout, our innovative and environmentally-conscious design solutions integrate accessible equipment, natural elements, community gathering space, and recreational amenities unique to the area.


At our core, we understand the value and health benefits of play — for all ages and abilities — and through our experience, we recognize that outdoor playspaces are vital for communities to gather and connect. Designed to bring people together, Magical Bridge PlayParks improve and diversify open spaces to encourage group and individual discovery, adventure, fitness, and reflection. Our PlayParks energize communities around inclusion while amplifying the usability and accessibility of the space with equipment and facilities that ensure everyone is included.


When we embark on a Magical Bridge PlayPark design, we begin with your community. Through public input meetings, surveys, research, and extensive meetings with city officials, we work to uncover the most desired features and attributes that will maximize the success of your park design. With over 25,000 visitors a month to our flagship playground in Palo Alto, California, we understand the importance of capturing the spirit and unique needs of the surrounding community. For us, success is measured in visitor happiness — and we look forward to delivering a PlayPark perfectly designed to delight your visitors.


Connected and varied outdoor spaces designed with everyone in mind enable:

  • Activities for all ages and abilities
  • Community connections
  • Centralized gathering
  • Cooperative group play
  • Fitness and improved health
  • Multi-generational interactions
  • Community awareness
  • Deeper connection with nature
  • Artistic expression and performance
  • Healthier and happier people


Magical Bridge Playground
Gathering and Picnic Areas
Water Features
Ample Shaded Areas
Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Sports Fields
Community Plazas
Performing Arts Space
Nature and Habitat Gardens
Dog Runs
Accessible Parking
Native, Functional Landscape Design
Interconnectivity Between Areas

Sample PlayPark Projects Include: