Magical Bridge Kindness Kits @ Home


Thank you for your interest in Magical Bridge Kindness Kits! Magical Bridge Foundation knows that when people of all ages, abilities, and disabilities come together and play on the playground something special happens. We want to bring a little of that magic into your home. In partnership with Changing Perspectives, we are thrilled to provide parents and caregivers with free opportunities for teaching kindness and empathy through short and sweet activities that can be done with common household supplies. Each Kindness Kit is grouped by developmental age, and contains activities, videos, books and discussion questions.

If you don’t have access to the books, don’t worry! There are links to recordings of each book in the kit. In quarantine, we’ve all been on our screens quite a bit. Using the Kindness Kits you can create a daily routine that brings the whole family together to have valuable conversations about how we can all contribute positively to the challenges our communities are facing.

See the Kindness Kit in action!

Please fill out the following form to open a link to your Kindness Kit pdf.

Thank you for spreading kindness in your community, and in your home.

Want to learn more about Magical Bridge Kindness Kits? Our Magical Bridge Kindness Kits were developed by Changing Perspectives, a national nonprofit organization that provides disability awareness programming through evidence-based social emotional learning curriculums. There are three versions of the kits - “Kindness Kits @ Home”, “Kindness Kits @ School”, and “Kindness Kits @ the Playground”. As new Magical Bridge Playgrounds open, we are excited to share these resources and spread kindness throughout the community. To learn more about this program and how you can bring these materials to your Magical Bridge Playground, please email us at