At Magical Bridge Foundation, we know there are so many different ways to enjoy play. We also know that the playground industry is long overdue in innovating for children and adults of all ages and all abilities, and that many are completely left out of the most basic form of play in public spaces.  With 20% of our population living with a visible or invisible disability, the industry is lagging behind in creating truly inclusive play spaces and equipment that meets their needs. It is for this reason that Magical Bridge created a Hideaway Hut – a mindfully designed retreat space with sensory elements for those who need a break from active play.

One Step a Time, Magical Bridge Foundation is Innovating Play for Everyone!  The Magical Bridge Hideaway Hut is a place for kids and adults, especially those with autism and sensory challenges, to hang out in when active play feels overwhelming and frenetic. It’s a calming, cozy place to regroup while observing through the gaps in the boards and re-emerge when ready.

In partnership with Barbara Butler Artist-Builder, Inc., Magical Bridge Foundation is working on the final design.  The Hideaway Huts will be placed in future Magical Bridge Playgrounds, including Magical Bridge in Redwood City, Sunnyvale, and Morgan Hill. 

We want to hear from you! Feedback and comments are coming through focus groups with special need students, teachers and parents.  Recently, students from the Morgan Autism Center provided valuable input on sensory experiences, colors, openings, and more.  Over the next few months, students, educators and inclusive play experts will help us innovate our retreat spaces, ensuring that every child and every adult enjoys Magical Bridge Playgrounds.

If you are interested in providing feedback on the Magical Bridge Hideaway Hut, kindly contact Jill Asher at  Focus groups take place in Palo Alto, California.




If you are inspired by our work, please consider supporting Magical Bridge Playground in Morgan Hill or Sunnyvale.  We are even accepting sponsorships of our Hideaway Huts in each new playground!  Kindly contact Jill Asher at for more information on ways that you or your company/foundation can support our projects!