When I was little, I loved to play. I loved sprinting back and forth through fields at my school, reaching out my hand as far as it could go; just so far that I could tag my friend ahead of me. Back then, when I was young (Alright, I’m still only seventeen),  play was just […]

My name is Nikki Dadlani. I’m 17 years old, and I volunteer as a Kindness Ambassador with Magical Bridge Foundation. The Kindness Ambassador Program trains teens passionate about inclusion to promote kindness both on and off the playground. Magical Bridge Foundation’s mission is to build innovative playgrounds and more inclusive communities, with a focus on accessibility for […]

The students at Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design had four weeks and a challenge: Develop a product or experience that translated the “magic” of Magical Bridge’s inclusive playgrounds to the public school playground. There were big questions to contemplate, most obviously around price point. School districts have nowhere near the $4 million dollars […]

Imagine if a world leader like Prince William, Bill Gates or German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the Magical Bridge Playground. What would they think as they watched people of all abilities and disabilities laughing and playing together? How would they feel as they passed their bodies through the Magical Harp and heard the cascade of […]

When I was a middle school student, I was granted the opportunity to spend a week learning about the Magical Bridge Playground coming to Palo Alto, which was still only a dream. As a twelve year old girl, I thought the concept of a playground designed to include all people was intriguing, but I did […]

Santa Clara County is becoming a LOT more MAGICAL! The Board of Supervisors of the County of Santa Clara approved $7M in funds to help build five new Magical Bridge Playground projects. Supervisor Mike Wassarman approved $2M to fund Magical Bridge Playground in Morgan Hill’s Community Park. This will be the most southern location of current Magical Bridge projects […]

Did you know that adding closed captions (displaying dialog for those who are visually impaired), AND descriptive video (adding a voice describing the action on the screen for those who are hearing impaired) benefits everyone? In fact, these two powerful additions makes searching and finding a video much easier online and research shows total viewing time increases by 17%! While […]