Bring a Magical Bridge to Your Community

Work with Magical Bridge Foundation to bring an intentionally designed Magical Bridge Playground to YOUR community

Magical Bridge Foundation now offers playground and landscape design services for custom regional destination playgrounds that transcend today’s “inclusive” solutions.

What is a regional destination Magical Bridge Playground?  

Intentionally designed for absolutely everyone in a community, and modeled after the flagship Magical Bridge Playground in Palo Alto, California – a regional destination playground is uniquely designed to include the 1-in-4 of us living with visible or invisible disabilities. Magical Bridge includes the movement needs of the youngest to the oldest members of our communities, and creates a new town square for the 21 century!  Intergenerational play is critical for every stage of life and we truly welcome visitors of all ages, sizes, and abilities. We are passionate about providing a place for everyone to connect and to experience the joy and benefits of play.

Communities valuing kindness and dignity for everyone, make high impact investments in Magical Bridge Playgrounds, which sends a clear message that everyone in their community, and all who visit,  matter.  Regional destination Magical Bridge Playgrounds draw visitors from surrounding areas, welcomes thousands of guests a year, and provide unique intergenerational connections.  We invite you to consider bringing Magical Bridge to YOUR community.

What are the requirements to build a regional destination Magical Bridge Playground?

  • A minimum 3/4 acre of land (1 acre is optimal)
  • $500K+ identified funding (depending on local construction costs)
  • An internal champion inside the city (or organization) who understands the profound impact a regional destination playground provides its community.  This person may be a city council member, city manager, park and recreation department, executive director, board member, etc.  


Could I bring Magical Bridge Playground to my school, museum, hospital or zoo?

The quick answer is YES.  Magical Bridge Foundation will consider projects at schools, museums, hospitals and even zoos.  We will select a few projects in 2020 and 2021 at high impact places that will truly benefit from a smaller version of the regional destination Magical Bridge Playground.  Please let us know about your project.


Kindly complete the form below.  We’d love to learn more about your community and potentially work together to bring Magical Bridge Playground to your region.