Build A Magical Bridge Playground

Magical Bridge Foundation builds world-renowned, highly inclusive playgrounds

that welcome everyone, regardless of age, ability or disability.

Each year Magical Bridge takes on a limited number of projects, partnering with cities, developers, municipalities or anchor donors who are committed to creating truly inclusive open spaces in their community. We provide a full range of design and consulting services to make your regional destination Magical Bridge Playground ‘extra magical’. 

What is a regional destination Magical Bridge Playground?  Universally designed and custom built for absolutely everyone in a community, our regional destination playgrounds are uniquely designed to include the 1-in-4 of us living with visible or invisible disabilities.  Our playgrounds welcome ALL ages, sizes and abilities, including those living with visible and invisible physical and cognitive disabilities, autism, sensory challenges, visual and auditory impairments, the medically fragile, and even the aging population.

What is Magical Bridge Foundation? Founded with a mission to create innovative and  inclusive playgrounds where all families and community members feel welcome to play together, Magical Bridge Foundation was created to offer comprehensive design and consulting services for communities interested in building inclusive playgrounds and play spaces.

Differentiating from traditional design firms. Our talented team is the only design firm offering universally designed Magical Bridge Playgrounds, which serve the unique needs of everyone. Leveraging Silicon Valley’s innovation spirit, our design team works with cities and municipalities, parks and recreation departments, museums, zoos, hospitals, and real estate developers who value and provide play opportunities for everyone. From inception to opening celebration, we provide custom consulting services to bring a Magical Bridge playground and other outdoor play spaces into your community.  We look forward to hearing how we can make magic together with you and your team!

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