Welcome to the first-ever screening by our inaugural Magical Bridge Foundation Teen Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Board.

With a generous and forward-thinking “Emerging Needs Grant” from the Palo Alto Human Relations Commission, the Magical Bridge Foundation piloted a Teen Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (or DEI) Program as a special initiative with invited teen Kindness Ambassadors volunteering with our nonprofit.

This one-of-a-kind program provided an opportunity for teenagers with different needs and abilities to be supported while contributing to our communities’ need for inclusion. During a time when kindness is needed more than ever, these teens were charged with choosing a topic to focus on in order to educate and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion of people with disabilities within our community.

The hope and goal are that these teens will be our future leaders who will continue to support and advocate for people with disabilities.

The DEI Program was led by Speech Language Pathologist Vivian Tisi and Educator April Tenchavez.

The Magical Bridge Foundation’s Teen DEI Board Includes:

Anushka Srinivasan (Castilleja High School) 

Ava Goumas (Saint Francis High School)

Ava Villareal (Palo Alto High School)

Boudewijn van Breemen (Gunn High School)

Cheryl Tolomeo (Saint Francis High School)

Isabella Chang (Gunn High School)

Isabella Koutsoyannis (Palo Alto High School)

Joshua Barkin (Gunn High School)

Kelvin Jiang (Gunn High School)

Morgan O’Malley (Palo Alto High School)

Nicole Smith (Gunn High School)

Shauncy Lim (Gunn High School)


Here are links to their important work that is referenced in this presentation to Palo Alto city leaders, council members, school board members, and the Human Relations Commission:


We thank everyone who supported, led and participated in the Magical Bridge Foundation DEI Program.  We know our community (and the world) is a lot better because you are here.  And we thank you.


If you are able to support Magical Bridge Foundation and our teen programs, kindly give here or contact Jill Asher at jill@magicalbridge.org.  We’d love to explore ways to make your community even more MAGICAL – and welcoming for everyone.



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