Written by Boudewjn van Breeman and Kelvin Jiang, Kindness Ambassadors and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) advocates at the Magical Bridge Foundation. They attend Gunn High School. Boudewijn is a rising senior and Kelvin is a rising junior.

Those with disabilities are often treated differently and inequitably in communities. Being stranded in our homes during shelter-in-place has different effects on everyone; however, the disabled community may be going through a tougher time than those without disabilities. Here are some things to question/think about:

  • Is online learning suitable for everyone? Were accommodations made for those with disabilities when schools moved online?
  • Many individuals need to share how they are feeling during this time, including those with disabilities. Are counselors and wellness personnel from schools readily available to talk or chat?
  • Some individuals with certain disabilities rely on following rules, patterns, and routines. How do you think they were affected when they were forced to stay at home and break their normal habits?

We have pondered these questions and have seen little to no equitability for those with disabilities. That is why we have put together a list of over 50 inclusive activities that can be done with ANYONE. Please take some time to read through our ideas, and you can pick your favorites. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Well done is better than well said.” Take action!

  • If someone lives nearby, leave a positive note at their doorstep (anonymous or not)

  • Teach someone a new skill you’ve learned

  • Make up informal challenges and casually compete with someone else

  • Call someone who you wouldn’t normally call

  • Play a sport by yourself, and call a friend to have them join virtually

  • Learn to imitate the voice of a celebrity with someone

  • Have someone tell you something they’ve been doing

  • Leave a small gift at someone’s house, and write a kind note to go along (possibly with a little nudge for them to ‘continue the favor’)

  • Create a scavenger hunt list, and find the items with someone else

  • Ask someone how they are feeling, and listen to them closely

  • Remind them of a positive memory you’ve had together

  • Play some video games together

  • Share a favorite childhood memory or one that stands out

  • Learn a new skill together

  • Talk about a common struggle during this time

  • Make a TikTok or a video together while calling

  • Do an outdoor activity at the same time while calling a friend (maybe you’re both taking a walk or running)

  • Be creative, and build something (e.g. furniture, technology)

  • Read a book to each other

  • Do a coloring sheet together

  • Take a virtual tour of a museum with someone else

  • With a friend, learn to write with your non-dominant hand

  • Tell someone how much they mean to you

  • To keep things casual, talk about “A Day in the Life of a(n) ________” (you can make scenarios up too!); for example, talk about A Day in the Life of a Marine

  • Sing together (if you are both comfortable) — remember, your skill level doesn’t matter

  • Make up some recipes, and have a cook-off (your family will be the judges!)

  • Learn some magic, and show your friend over the internet

  • Create two halves of a piece of artwork and put them together digitally

  • Build a music playlist together and possibly listen to songs you’ve never heard before

  • Tell jokes to each other

  • Have a friendly Olympic competition, and create a list of daily quests/challenges to earn points

  • Learn a new language together (e.g. sign language, braille, coding language)

  • Watch a movie together through an online video platform (e.g. Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts)

  • Find memes/jokes and have a “Try Not to Laugh” style challenge

  • Do a in-house workout together

  • Take a meditation session with a friend

  • Complete some homework together or study for a test

  • Explore a new school subject together

  • List, with a friend, things that make you feel ________

  • Write a book together

  • Create a list of places that you want to go to after quarantine with a friend

  • Try dancing (shamelessly) while video calling for fun

  • Invent a new game together

  • Decorate some old clothing with what your friend tells you to and vice versa

  • Play truth or dare

  • React to some YouTube videos together

  • Explore some new board games with a friend

  • Practice a shared skill together

  • Tell stories (real or made-up) to each other

  • Try something you’ve both been pushing off for a while

  • Make a movie (virtually) with a family member or some friends

  • Draw a comic together (you can just make one strip or even a whole book)

  • Share this message!


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