Since its opening in April 2015, Magical Bridge Playground in Palo Alto has brought people together from across the country to play in the nation’s most innovative, inclusive playground. Two High School students from Palo Alto, Rachel Barkin and Emily Asher, surveyed a sampling of visitors to discover the distances people were traveling, and what attracted them to Magical Bridge Playground.

The survey revealed that a majority of visitors traveled a 10-15 mile radius, further proving the importance of expansion across the Bay Area. Magical Bridge Foundation is committed to improving accessibility of inclusive play, now building playgrounds in Mountain View, Redwood City, Morgan Hill, and Sunnyvale. Redwood City residents Susana and Moses Vasquez were excited to learn that Magical Bridge Foundation broke ground in Redwood City Red Morton Park in November 2017, and that it will open to public later this year.

Magical Bridge Playground has profoundly touched many lives, and holds a special meaning that is different for each visitor. For Jerri Ream, it is an opportunity to play with her grandchildren and 36 year old son with Down Syndrome. Several survey applicants have a family member with a disability who benefits from Magical Bridge. The equipment is not only ability-inclusive but also age-inclusive, so even adults enjoy coming to the park. Frequent visitor Trina Lovercheck shared that the park “even [has] things for older adults to do like chess!”

A survey participant, who came from Australia for the first time with her daughter, was impressed by the variety of equipment and the popularity of the park. She met up with her friend who recommended Magical Bridge because it is the “most creative, and interesting experience [she had] ever seen kids having.”

Most of the survey participants interviewed had come with family or learned about the park through friends. People who come alone can easily make friends on equipment like the “Sway Fun” rocking booth or by being a part of a performance on the stage. There truly is an activity for everyone!


For our last question, we asked participants to describe Magical Bridge Playground in one word. Here are their responses:

To watch interviews of the survey applicants, see our video!

Teens can do MAGICAL things! This article and video was created by High School Magical Bridge Kindness Ambassadors and Interns, Rachel Barkin and Emily Asher.