Where Everyone Plays Together…

In the words of a 5 year old, “Best playground in the whole world!”
— Linda K.

I know you never thought you would see the day I would dance and play in a wheelchair, but you know in life we have #EndlessAbility and something magical can happen at any time.


Magical Bridge Playground in Palo Alto is by far the coolest playground we have had a chance to enjoy. Mikey was able to play alongside all sorts of new friends! Physical limitations don’t matter here and it brought tears to my eyes seeing kids and adults able to let loose and have fun with each other. I can’t applaud Palo Alto enough for making this happen and ensuring that every child in this community has a place to feel free to just play!


Sophie was able to walk up the playhouse structure, move around comfortably throughout the park, and even go on a merry go round all in her walker! It was great! We are so thankful to those who created a park that can easily be accessible to those with disabilities.


My kids can’t get enough of this place. It’s an “innovative-inclusive” playground that was designed and built for visitors of all abilities. Of all the parks we’ve visited in the Silicon Valley this one is by far our favorite, and today we came back and spent hours here.


We drove all the way out to Palo Alto to check out the new magical bridge playground and it was worth it!


This is a really fun playground with many interesting objects for children to climb around with and play on. Some of them — the laser harp in particular — even hold my interest pretty well. Probably the biggest negative is that the park is highly popular, but it deserves to be.

Mark C.

My daughter had the best time in the spinning area. There’s a merry-go-round that accommodates wheel chairs which is pretty amazing. And she liked the roller slides and the saucer swings. There are plenty of places to sit or set up a picnic.

Jen S.

The Magical Bridge Kindness Ambassadors were so sweet and showed Jocey and Lucy around the park.


This place is awesome. It’s a playground for all kids regardless of physical abilities and developmental levels. There’s a theater and house structures for dramatic play, a musical area, lots of gross motor activities, spinning discs for proprioceptive and vestibular inputs, and just room to run.

Tiffaney L.

What can be said? We can easily spend all day here. The grass hills are the most popular. Kids loved running thru the theatre, and the swings look like giant car seat rollercoasters — hilarious!

Grateful for all the folks that sponsored such a park to be inclusive. Very well thought out. The parents and kids here are also very friendly.

Rugbarn D

What an awesome inclusive park!  It’s divided into zones with different themes.  Everything is wheelchair accessible.  There is also a landing platform for one of the larger slides, so that a child can access a wheelchair after going down the slide.  How cool is that!

This park isn’t just inclusive for children either. Parents with disabilities can easily join their children here, too. 🙂

Ali W.

Awesome playground! I love coming here during quieter times and gallivanting around. Unlike other parks, this is a truly fun and highly accessible playground, designed to be amazing from the ground up, and it delivers. I can’t wait to bring my grandmother (and her wheelchair!) here

– NM

Cutest little playground


It’s grey and chilly and there are approximately a zillion kids at Palo Alto’s Magical Bridge playground. It’s remarkable.


The best park ever where even the chairs are fun.