Inclusion means everywhere, always and everything.

Inclusion Benefits Everyone

There is no question that creating inclusive environments is morally right, and studies have shownthat building a caring and accepting communities benefits everyone.  At Magical Bridge, we feel a playground is the perfect place to start.

When given the chance to play side by side inclusively, children with disabilities:

  • Are more accepted by their peers
  • Develop balanced and satisfying relationships
  • Often show marked progress behaviorally
  • Exhibit improvement in social skills, motor skills, and self esteem
  • Feel more connected to their community
  • Learn from and model play behavior from interacting and watching others
  • Thrive with confidence when making new friends
  • No longer feel marginalized and excluded


The benefits for children without disabilities are also profound:

  • Fosters empathy, kindness and compassion
  • Reduces fear of human differences
  • Increases awareness about this forgotten and growing subset of our community.
  • Enables growth in social congnition
  • Creates warm and caring friendships


The opportunity for play with others helps maintain physical, emotional, psychological, and social well being for us all. When you design for true inclusion, no one stands out, and everyone can play.


Palo Alto’s Magical Bridge Playground is the result of an unmet need to have an inclusive playground in Silicon Valley, and now provides a new model for how playgrounds must be designed for everyone in a community.  Its overwhelming success and ongoing enthusiasm underscores the void of inclusive spaces for the disabled.

It’s time to change the playing field. Literally.