We VALUE the unique play needs of everyone in the community.

All Ages. All Abilities. All Welcome.   

Everyone should feel the magic of play, including children and adults with disabilities and special needs, those from economically challenged homes or underfunded schools, and those who long for a secure spot to feel the freedom of swinging, sliding, spinning, and finding new friends. This is the spirited mission of Magical Bridge Foundation.

Magical Bridge….. 

  • Gives everyone a safe and fun place to play, regardless of ability, disability, size or age.
  • Nurtures meaningful community connections by serving the entire community. 
  • Provides a foundation for a lifetime of kindness and compassion through truly inclusive play.
  • Exceeds today’s ADA playground requirements, and delights everyone!
  • Celebrates play both on and off the playground, through advocacy, outreach and community programs.


Join us as we spread the joy of Magical Bridge Playground throughout the Bay Area and nationwide! Magical Bridge Foundation seeks partners, suppliers, artists, designers, and sponsors as we bring innovative and inclusive playgrounds to more communities. Our valued partners engage in the brainstorming and development process, feedback and usage studies, community engagement events, and placement and construction activities. Bringing a playground to life is an exciting process, and when it’s innovative and inclusive to all ages and abilities, the rewards are beyond compare. As a vendor, supplier, volunteer, artist, designer, or construction partner, we hope you’ll join us on our incredible journey. We thank the following partners who have joined Magical Bridge Foundation in our mission to bring more innovative and inclusive playgrounds to life:
  • Babygrand Web Design
  • Barbara Butler Artist-Builder, Inc.
  • Enlight Foundation
  • Groundswell Landscape Design
  • Jen Lewin, Artist
  • Northbound Films
  • RHAA Landscape Architects
  • UnaMesa Association
  • Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati