Collaborate. Cultivate. Celebrate Everyone.

Magical Bridge Foundation is committed to bringing Magical Bridge Playgrounds to life in more communities across the Bay Area and beyond. Through the design process, fundraising, and project awareness, we engage the community in a multitude of ways. When you embark on a Magical Bridge Playground, together, we bring to life an innovative and truly inclusive playground for all ages and all abilities. Our process includes three stages:

Leveraging over 10 years of research, development and experience.
Design: perform and prepare all necessary designs and technical specifications; project management through completion and certification of final design.
Playground Visuals: design and produce playground visuals, including signage and development of cohesive elements throughout the playground.
Construction:  support construction manager by participating in construction meetings, inspections, and responding to requests
Equipment:  identify inclusive equipment, pricing and procurement and advise on all aspects of creating the most inclusive & innovative space possible.

Exciting everyone about the “magic” of a new kind of community playground
Community Engagement: host meetings with local groups, schools, businesses and foundations to promote support of playground project.
Marketing Collateral: create licensed marketing and communication materials to promote community awareness. Training: train and develop local leaders to maintain and grow community support and messaging.
Digital and Social Media: create a dedicated landing page on for the project, and leverage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. to share community announcements and playground updates.
Media Relations: ignite local and national media (reporters, journalists, bloggers, influencers) about the playground project and City’s commitment to inclusive play.

Expertise and industry leadership to ensure project is fully funded
Fundraising: engage community donors, corporations, and foundations to secure necessary commitments to bridge gap between city finances and project costs.
Online and Offline:  build, promote and manage online pages and offline events.
Grant Writing: prepare grant applications for funding of playground project.