MAGIC and truly inclusive play is coming to Mountain View, California!

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of Magical Bridge Playground to Mountain View’s Rengstorff Park. Mountain View becomes the fifth Bay Area location to build a truly inclusive Magical Bridge for its community and all who visit. Extending a powerful commitment by leading local governments, Mountain View follows Palo Alto, Redwood City, Sunnyvale and Morgan Hill to create this innovative public play space designed to incorporate the needs of all ages and all abilities.

Please join us on our journey to raise the additional funds to make Magical Bridge Playground in Mountain View a reality!

Magical Bridge Foundation needs to secure $4.7M to break ground. Our plan is to raise the remaining funds by June 2018 and break ground in early 2019. We hope to open to the pubic in late 2019.


The Magic Starts with YOU! Help support Magical Bridge Playground in Mountain View.

Donations $300 and above will be recognized with a tile on the Mountain View donor wall.

It Takes a Village to Build a Playground

Magical Bridge Foundation is working to raise $4.7M to begin construction in 2019.

We’d like to recognize the following donors for helping to make truly inclusive play a reality for everyone and every BODY in Mountain View.

$1.7M – Santa Clara Supervisor’s All Inclusive Playground Grant (AIPG)
$1M – City of Mountain View
$150K – Google
$150K – LinkedIn (Kindness Corner Sponsor)
$5K – Shutterfly

Kindly contact Jill Asher at if your company or foundation would like to explore sponsorship opportunities, or set up an employee lunch and learn. Please consider supporting our efforts by making a donation of any size — all donations over $300 will be recognized with a tile on the physical donor wall inside the playground.

Sponsor a Buddy Bench

Designed and hand-crafted by renowned artist Barbara Butler Artist-Builder, our Magical Buddy Benches are artful companion pieces to the Magical Bridge Playhouse. Sponsor a Magical Buddy Bench ($10,000) to promote kindness and acceptance, and show your lasting support for a playground where everyone can play!

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Perfect for Corporations and Foundations, we have exciting sponsorship opportunities available at various levels ranging from $150,000 – $450,000, including zone sponsorship with your name prominently displayed in the playground showing your generous commitment to the community for generations to come. With early sponsorship of a play zone, you will have the unique opportunity to offer input on design and equipment selection. Please contact Magical Bridge Foundation for zone selection assistance or to discuss donation opportunities.


The play zones currently planned for Mountain View’s development include:

Capturing the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley, the Innovation Zone provides unique and interactive play experiences utilizing technology, art and design that stimulates the full array of human senses in an entirely new way.
Outdoor play is a critical way for young children to create friendships, explore, take risks, develop fine and gross motor development, and absorb vast amounts of basic knowledge, including the valuable lessons of inclusion and kindness. The Tot Zone is expressly designed for children aged 1-4.
Rotary vestibular input, caused from spinning, is the most powerful form of sensory input that the brain can process. A popular group activity, the climbing net spinner and ground-level carousel are accessible for all ages and abilities so everyone can spin together!
KINDNESS CORNER (Sponsored by LinkedIn)
The heart of Magical Bridge, the Kindness Corner is a gathering place for reflection, compassion and education. It helps spark conversations about making friends with those who are “different,” modeling positive behavior, and encouraging kids to be up-standers and address the issues of bullying.
Sliding helps coordination, balance and movement, and the Slide Mound is uniquely accessible for all (even wheelchair users)! The Slide Mound features a group slide, curvy slide, stimulating roller slide, climbing loops, a climbing net, and more.
Swinging creates vestibular stimulation critical to maintaining body posture, balance and equilibrium. The bucket swings, group disc swings, and sway boat accommodate all ages and abilities giving everyone the opportunity benefit from this important motion.
Through pretend-play, children experience the full range of their senses and feelings. Since 1987, Barbara Butler Artist-Builder, Inc. has created over 600 unique play structures — and their first wheelchair-accessible, two-story playhouse was designed and built especially for Magical Bridge. Your entire community will surely cherish the Playhouse for years to come.

Thank you for helping bring Magical Bridge Playground to Mountain View. We truly could not do it without your support and contribution! Please contact for more information.