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Fact Sheet

The Mission of Magical Bridge Foundation:

The mission of the Magical Bridge Foundation is to create innovative and truly inclusive playgrounds where all children, families and community members feel welcome to come and play together, regardless of age, size or ability.  


Is Magical Bridge a “Special Needs” Park?

In a word, no.

What started as a quest to build Palo Alto’s first “ADA-compliant” playground, turned into some soul searching to determine the kind of playground Magical Bridge ultimately would become. When we learned that the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 had not updated it’s playground requirements, we knew the ADA bar was (way) too low. This led us to start marketing Magical Bridge as “beyond ADA” and “accessible,” but weren’t sure these were the right terms either. How could we describe this place we envisioned?

Astounding to think a group of Silicon Valley parents were designing a playground that had no existing category. We knew we were inclusive, accessive and way beyond ADA. We also knew we were designing the coolest park our own kids had ever been to, but our driving passion was to ensure kids and parents of varying cognitive and physical abilities played as equals. In fact, this playground had to reflect the unique needs of everyone in our community. We were never a “special needs” park because, after all, how kind would it be to create this magical space and not invite our “typical” friends in too?

About Magical Bridge Foundation:

Magical Bridge Foundation furthers the promise of Palo Alto’s Magical Bridge Playground by advocating for and creating inclusive and innovative playgrounds in other communities.

Magical Bridge Foundation is responding to the global need for innovative and inclusive parks. We are pouring nine years of research, fundraising, development, design, and construction strategies into building Magical Bridge Playgrounds in the Bay Area and eventually across the nation.

Ongoing Enthusiasm for Magical Bridge:

Nearly 20% of our population is living with a disability, and yet playgrounds are still not designed to meet the unique needs of everyone in a community. Since its April 2015 opening in Palo Alto, California, Magical Bridge Playground has received visitors from around the world interested in replicating our groundbreaking playground model in their communities. This ongoing enthusiasm underscores the urgent and global need for play spaces to be designed for everyone.

Magical Bridge Foundation focussed bringing a Magical Bridge Playground to Bay Area locations and beyond:

Silicon Valley’s Magical Bridge Playground groundbreaking design underscores the real magic that takes place in a community that incorporates the unique play needs of those with all physical and cognitive abilities. It is time to offer truly inclusive playgrounds beyond Palo Alto, and our team has the expertise and passion to take it on.

Redwood City, California has been selected as the second Magical Bridge Playground project.  Set to break ground in October 2017 and open to the public during the Summer of 2018, Magical Bridge Playground at Red Morton Park will offer truly inclusive play for residents in San Mateo County.  In the Summer of 2017, Magical Bridge Foundation will announce four to six additional playground projects in Santa Clara County (California).  Magical Bridge Foundation will announce playground projects outside the Bay Area in 2018.  If your community is interested in a Magical Bridge Playground, kindly complete this form.

What makes a Playground Magical?

Magical Bridge is culmination of seven years of planning, research, design and careful consideration. They say “it’s all in the details” and that could not be more true than at this remarkable playground. Here are some of the finer features that make Magical Bridge so magical.

  • 24-String Laser Harp
  • Fully Accessible Treehouse + Bridge
  • Custom 2-Story Playhouse + Stage
  • 100% Accessible Slide Mound
  • Kindness Corner with Game Tables
  • Distinct Zones for Predictable Play
  • Disc + Bucket Swings for Everyone
  • Original Interactive Artwork
  • Play Zone Descriptions featuring Braille
  • Smooth, Seamless Paths & Turf
  • Patent-Pending Safe Slide Landing
  • Tactile Slides + Surfaces
  • Retreat Cocoons & Spaces
  • Plenty of Shade


Magical Bridge Foundation
650 Gillman Street
Palo Alto, CA 60310

Magical Bridge Playground – Palo Alto
Mitchell Park
3700 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303

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