Become a Part of the Magic

Do you love to play? Do you love kids? We’d love to welcome you as a Kindness Ambassador at Magical Bridge Playground! This is a wonderful program for teens looking to score some incredibly rewarding community service hours!

If you’re interested in signing up, please contact:
Hollie Chiao, Kindness Ambassador Program Director:
Olenka Villarreal, Magical Bridge Playground Founder:

Here’s a little about the program:

As a Kindness Ambassador, your job is to welcome visitors, thank people for coming, and wish families a most magical day. Model kind behavior and help kids have fun! Once you register to be a Kindness Ambassador, you’ll be given a special t-shirt to wear on the playground.

Magical Bridge Playground was created to be a place where everyone is included and has fun! As the nation’s most inclusive and innovative playground, Magical Bridge Playground attracts visitors from both near and far and the playground can get crowded. Many have traveled long distances so that a child with a disability can play like every other child. We count on our Kindness Ambassadors to encourage people to find the many ways children are similar, rather than different, as they play together!

Kindness Ambassador Code of Conduct

  1. Please stay off your cell phones. We ask that you please remember you are modeling kind behavior and are fully engaged and alert.
  2. Wear your official Kindness Ambassador t-shirt
  3. SMILE!
  4. Say “Welcome to the Magical Bridge Playground!” Introduce yourself and greet guests and wish them a magical day, great time or whatever feels right. Feel free to point out special features of the playground.
  5. Discourage kids from behaving unkindly. When you see anything that resembles bullying or uninclusive behavior, say: “this is a different kind of playground, where we behave kindly” or something like that!
  6. Acknowledge when you see a child being kind or courteous to someone. Tell them to keep it up!
  7. Read the zone description signage throughout the playground and get to know the magical features in each area so you can point these out to visitors. Encourage them to use the accessible equipment, such as the laser harp or fitness equipment.
  8. If you are willing, please pick up loose papers or litter and put them in the garbage bins.

We hope you’ll volunteer and become a KINDNESS AMBASSADOR! It feels great to give back to the community and countless visitors will appreciate you for your efforts!