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Magical Bridge Foundation creates innovative and truly inclusive playgrounds that delight visitors of ALL abilities and ALL ages.

Magical Bridge Playgrounds welcome visitors who are typically left out of community and play experiences, including those with physical and cognitive disabilities, those living with autism, sensory challenges, the hearing and visually impaired, the medically fragile community, and even our aging population.

Magical Bridge Playground in Palo Alto opened to the public in April 2015, and is heralded as the nation’s most innovative-inclusive playground. Magical Bridge Playground in Redwood City broke ground in November 2017, and is expected to open to the public in December 2018. Magical Bridge Playground in Sunnyvale was announced in July 2017 and is currently raising funds for the project, with an expected opening in 2019. Magical Bridge Playground in Morgan Hill was announced in August 2017 and is currently raising funds for the project, with an expected opening in 2019. The City of Mountain View signed a partnership agreement on January 4, 2018 and a new Magical Bridge playground is now being planned for the Rengstorff location. Several other Bay Area and national projects will be announced throughout the coming year.

Help Support Magical Bridge Foundation and Create REAL Magic!

Through advocacy, innovation, media relations and various outreach efforts, Magical Bridge extends far beyond the physical playground. We are passionate about advancing kindness and compassion everywhere we go.

A Donation to Magical Bridge Foundation Supports:

Innovative Research on Play Opportunities for the Disabled Communities
While 1 in every 5 individuals have a visible or invisible disability, the play industry has done little to incorporate their unique needs into the design of public parks. Astounding, yes! But it provides us the exciting opportunity to research, prototype and develop new ideas in the true Silicon Valley spirit, and prove we can do more. Magical Bridge Foundation goes beyond the legal minimums of “accessible” play and believes spaces and places must be fun and safe for everybody.

Here are few projects currently underway:

  • Visual Magic Project– Promotes and innovates new ideas to ensure the visually impaired and blind guests enjoy the playground like everyone else.
  • Hideaway Huts – The Magical Bridge Hideaway Hut gives a place for kids and adults, especially those with autism and sensory challenges, to hang out in when active play feels overwhelming and frenetic. It’s a calming, cozy place to regroup while observing through the gaps in the boards and re-emerge when ready. These huts will be placed in future Magical Bridge Playgrounds and many public playgrounds starting in 2018.
  • Innovation Zones – Leveraging cutting edge technologies, Magical Bridge Foundation is collaborating with Silicon Valley leaders and interactive artists, to create public play spaces for people with disabilities. Through music, sound and touch, the Foundation is advancing play opportunities for everybody. Your support will speed up our research and development.

Collaborating and Promoting Non-Profits Serving and Supporting Disabled Communities
So many grass-root and national non-profit organizations work tirelessly to promote the need for more inclusion in different ways, but too few unite to elevate their voices. Magical Bridge Foundation has quickly become a beacon for like-minded groups and organizations in our drive to create more opportunities for not only play, but for all aspects of our lives. Our Silicon Valley roots unite our innovative spirit with our commitment to forming a powerful voice for the sizable, yet forgotten and marginalized, disabled population.

Advocacy and Education
Magical Bridge Foundation ensures that no matter what age, ability, or disability — everyone in a community can have fun and safe place to play. The Foundation spends a large amount of time advocating for people with disabilities, and educating the playground industry, park and recreation departments, school districts and communities that those living with “special needs” are often forgotten when it comes to playground design. With an underlying message of kindness and compassion, Magical Bride sets a new standard for truly inclusive play, and we share our learnings and how the power of play brings everyone together. Your contribution will help the Foundation reach even more communities and change the way we all think about play.

Media Relations
Magical Bridge Foundation is fiercely passionate about having the national media shine a spotlight on how we all can meet the needs of everyone and everyBODY, both on and off the playground. Your support will help us amplify our collective voices and show the world that people with disabilities are miraculous and MAGICAL.

In short, we love the work we do and the communities we do it in, but there is far more to be done. A generous donation towards Magical Bridge Foundation enables us to move forward with our work to bring inclusive play to ALL communities. We know that “It all starts on the playground,” and we kindly ask that you support the many ways we create magic beyond the playground. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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