Two Educators with Big Hearts Spark Magical Bridge Playground in Morgan Hill Decades ago, a young teacher was on playground duty when she met a student with disabilities who was eager to talk. The teacher took the opportunity to get to know the girl, and their conversation stretched through lunch and recess. The moment shifted […]

Companies and foundations that Bay Area residents know well have come together to ensure that residents and visitors of Redwood City and the greater San Mateo County thrive through play! Seven high-profile organizations are supporting a new innovative and inclusive play space for all, Magical Bridge Playground, with substantial donations totaling nearly $2 million. Magical […]

  We like to say that play is a magic wand waved over all kinds of health challenges, improving vision and cardiovascular health, boosting gross motor skills and concentration, decreasing stress and obesity. And what we know – from science and experience in serving 25,000 people a month – is that Magical Bridge Playgrounds are […]

Jeffrey Zuegel is a six-foot Curious George–at least according to his parents. As he ponders the shapes of the swings and the way the structures spin faster each time he pushes them, it becomes clear that his parents have it right. At Magical Bridge Playground in Palo Alto, Jeffrey is able to fully revel in […]

Slowly but surely, Sydney and her buddy Emma, from Palo Alto High School’s Best Buddies program, ascend the steps of the slide mound at Magical Bridge Playground. Holding hands, they sing songs about the weather and school and the slide they’re about to go down together. When they make it to the top of the […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Magical Bridge Foundation: Jill Asher,   Magical Bridge Foundation Selects Redwood City, CA as its Next Playground Location REDWOOD CITY, CA  Sept. 13, 2016 — Magical Bridge Foundation announces that Redwood City, California, has been selected as its next playground location. Set to open at Red Morton Park in […]

  Shannon des Rochas Rosa and her son Leo, a 15 year old with autism, travel 30 minutes from Redwood City to Palo Alto’s Magical Bridge Playground for its unique and diverse atmosphere. “Magical Bridge is the kind of place I’ve always dreamed of being able to take my son, but it never existed until […]