Do You Want to Build a Playground?

If you’ve been to Magical Bridge Playground in Palo Alto, or just heard of it, chances are you’d like a playground like this in your community! Magical Bridge Foundation formed for that very purpose: to bring innovative and inclusive playgrounds to communities everywhere. Although we’ve received visitors from around the world, we have decided to start in the Bay Area so we can work locally to define our processes and discover the very best ways to leverage our work, costs and expertise.

Beginning March 2016, we are identifying three Bay Area locations to build and fund a Magical Bridge Playground. Once these locations are underway, we will better understand what it takes to effectively proliferate the innovative and inclusive experience of Magical Bridge Playgrounds and expand our reach. If you have a special community in mind that would especially appreciate a Magical Bridge Playground, please let us know!

Our current criteria (2016) when selecting a location is:

  1. Location within 100 miles radius of Palo Alto
  2. Strong relationship and support from City staff and elected officials
  3. Agreement from City to expedite development and approval process of the playground
  4. Location(s) identified and approved for playground development
  5. Assistance in identifying high net worth donors in the community
  6. Agreement from City to allow for donor naming rights at the playground
  7. Commitment from City to maintain and provide ongoing support of the playground

We also require an active community group to spearhead local efforts to engage the community surrounding the location. This group will work side by side with Magical Bridge Foundation to secure community donations, and encourage sponsorship and support through special events and outreach campaigns.

We look forward to meeting communities eager to bring the “magic” of Magical Bridge Playground to their area — so everyone can play together!

We Want to Hear From You!

For more information about the Magical Bridge Foundation or to send us your comments, please contact us.

Be sure to reference our Playground FAQ page for many commonly asked questions regarding Magical Bridge Playground at Mitchell Park, Palo Alto (like birthday parties and park hours).


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